Welcome to the world of Tarkhon.

Ages past a man named Gibbor Ommetts waged a war against the heavens. He set out to overthrow the world's power and remove all power greater than him. The gods sent heroes to stop him but they all failed. Once the world had fallen he began a campaign against the very gods themselves. In short he won and the gods were either killed or removed from influencing the world.

His victory was complete, Tarkhon was left without gods, kingdoms, and great world powers. Those that bowed to him and worked to accomplish his ghouls were made to swear ancient terrible oaths to destroy magic from their lands. Then he divided the world to his followers and left Tarkhon to survive a new world without gods, magic, and in complete anarchy.

Since then people have gathered looking for safe places. The safest among these are the dragon's lands. Now people subjugate themselves to dragons for a modicum of protection from others.


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